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Quotes and Testimonials

  • I am so thankful for PC READS, they were my life boat in an ocean in which my child was certainly drowning! (more…)
    Park City Parent
  • When a dyslexic child receives a B or C, he or she likely studied harder than the “normal” child who got an A, and that, in and of itself, is something to be proud of!
    Alex Hall, student
  • For dyslexic children academic success, in the eyes of parents, should not be measured on a grading scale or by awards, it should be measured by the drive and perseverance that they exhibit.
    Alex Hall, student
  • I consider my greatest accomplishment to be learning how to spell ‘definitely’— although ‘Mississippi’ is a close second ;)
    Alex Hall, student
  • PC READS provides teachers with fabulous information that meets the needs of all children.  After attending their free Dyslexia for a Day conference in April, I immediately implemented new ideas and information while teaching students in my classroom.

    Park City Teacher
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